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  2. “Warm blood to protect life, Action to convey love”Hangzhou Yiding Transmission employees actively participated in voluntary blood donation activity

    publish:2023-06-30 12:03:22   views :23
    publish:2023-06-30 12:03:22  

    Every time you stretch out your arm, it is a transmission of love, and every contribution of blood is a relay of life. Free blood donation is a public welfare undertaking that benefits the people and the people, and it is also a kind deed of love and kindness.

    In accordance with the spirit of relevant documents such as the Law of the People's Republic of China on Blood Donation, Jingjiang Sub-district, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou launched a voluntary blood donation activity. Hangzhou Yiding Transmission actively responded to the government's call and five employees attended this blood donation.

                                                                  Oluntary blood donation shows great love

    Voluntary blood donation is a public welfare activity that Hangzhou Yiding Transmission regularly participates in. Therefore, employees are familiar with this blood donation activity.

    On September 23, five employees, Liu Junfeng, Liu Aifei, Fu Jianqi, Du Xiaozhu, and Fu Jinmei, went to the blood donation activity site in the street. They strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, and under the guidance of blood station staff and volunteers, they worked in an orderly manner to complete the form filling, physical examination, testing, blood donation and other links.

    Among the five of them, some are blood donation "veterans", and some are blood donation "novices". Although the "identities" are different, all of them rolled up their sleeves, carried forward the spirit of "humanity, fraternity, and mutual assistance", and gave their own love.

                                                                              Volunteering is incumbent

    During the nearly 2-hour blood donation process, the five employees donated a total of 2000cc of blood. 

    Employees who participated in blood donation said that voluntary blood donation is an extraordinary public welfare activity. It is the duty and obligation of citizens to give love, help others, and save more lives with a little bit of power.

                                                           Courage to take on social responsibility

    After the blood donation, the company's labor union prepared condolences for them to replenish their physical strength, and awarded them with honorary certificates to encourage and recognize the spirit of selfless dedication.

    Drops of love blood, warm devotion, generous blood donation, unlimited love. The voluntary blood donation activity has become one of the regular public welfare activities of Hangzhou Yiding Transmission every year. Seeing their "hot blood" being injected into the blood bag, the employees deeply feel the joy of passing on the love and holding up the hope of life.

    In the future, the company will continue to guide and encourage employees to join the voluntary blood donation team, and continue to enrich and expand a wider range of social welfare activities. It is hoped that these fresh blood can help more people, convey the warmth of love and light up the light of life.

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